Recycled Silver + Vintage Denim

Modern + minimal recycled metal jewelry pairs well with so many different styles. We had fun recently mixing our pieces with some vintage treasures from Vintage for the People. 

It takes about 1,800 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for one pair of jeans. So you should definitely feel good about yourself every time you put on a really old pair of jeans, or buy vintage instead of new. Wearing your clothes out and buying vintage, even occasionally, instead of new is a huge benefit to the environment. Pairing your vintage and upcycled pieces with jewelry made from certified recycled metal is a cool aesthetic and a great way to be true to your love for the earth. 

I craft my jewelry from recycled metal. In fact, most jewelers are pretty amazing recyclers, partly because precious metals are just so expensive, but also because the nature of metal makes it so easy to repurpose. Any scraps that I can’t melt down for casting or incorporate into other pieces are sent back to my metal supplier for refining. Nothing is wasted and I love hanging on to pieces and seeing them pop up as something new. 

Vintage denim treasures from Vintage for the People
Model Grace Messenger Interiors 
Photography Laura McGrail Creative