Creating Your Jewelry Capsule Collection

I'm a huge fan of pared-down essentials, so here's my guide to styling your jewelry this season - for women who love to keep it simple. Gold is obviously huge and I love the recycled gold fill that I use - it's an affordable and environmentally-friendly choice. The other benefit of buying classic, uncomplicated pieces is that they'll never go out of style and you can wear them forever. So here's my capsule collection for current jewelry essentials: baby stud earrings, stacking rings, a statement ring, and layered necklaces.  Here's what it looks like in photos...

1. baby stud earrings - even better are mix and match pairs with fun, geometric shapes

baby stud earrings

2. stacking rings - mix textures and add a few tiny gemstones, too

stacking rings

3. statement rings - a dainty oval or a wide, hammered band - mix them in with thin stacking rings 

4. layering necklaces - mix chain lengths, pendant shapes, textures, and metal colors

layered jewelry

layering bracelets and rings is fun, too - mix textures, colors, and sizes within the same aesthetic vibe for variety that's also visually cohesive 

layering bracelets

And have fun, as always - there are no rules, so you can never do anything wrong. Be you!